Option, la conexión perfecta entre Diseño y Desarrollo

2014 is a year about football. The World Cup in Brazil has made that everyone wants to be part of it, also the companies that are planning how to be part of this phenomenon with apps and services that will create a unique experience when the users watch the football games.

This is how Estadio LG was born. The app is created only for the users of Smart TV from LG and they can have access to it for free. Estadio LG seeks to add value and information to the matches, giving the possibility to the user to enjoy this sport without the need of using other devices.

In this app the user will find the information about the games, the different leagues around world, starting from the Chilean National League to the Premier League, and the different championships like the World Cup, Eurocup and Champions League.

In the app the user can choose which game he wants to watch at the moment and also check the dates from next games.

When the user choose a match, he can access to additional information on the same screen. A scoreboard from Estadio LG will appear and also little icons that will give him the possibility to go to different categories for extra information, such as the Leaderboard, Statistics, Alignments and go back to the matches schedules.

The Leaderboard shows all the results from the different matches related with the League that the user selected previously. The same applies to the other categories.

In Statistics the user would be able to check the information related with the team, like shoots to the goal shoots, faults, minute by minute information, even a HEATMAP that highlights all the areas of the field where the game has been concentrated.

Despite the fact that all this information is shown on the same screen of the game, this is not a problem since all the categories have a transparent background that doesn’t difficult watching the game. In this way, the user can have access to additional information without missing any play of his favorite team.

Technical Details:
This is an app for Smart TV, therefore web technologies, such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, were use for its developing..

To obtain the real time information that is showed on the screen, the app has access to a database called Datafactory. This allows to update the information and have it on real time without needing an specialized team for that.

The app is still in a developing stage. The APIs from different social networks will be added but how or why is still not defined.